With the new “LiTiU” tilt unit Liebherr presents an innovative attachment which extends the swing angle of various attachments. Fixed attachments can reach swing angles of up to 2 x 75° thanks to the LiTiU unit. In addition, hydraulic attachments such as sorter grabs, swivel-mounted ditch cleaning buckets and tilt buckets can be combined with the LiTiU unit for an even bigger swing angle. LiTiU is compatible with attachments from other manufacturers. The new unit is available in different versions and sizes.

The new Liebherr LiTiU attachment is designed for applications where the swing angle represents an extension of the working area. It allows more applications of wheeled and crawler excavators. Apart from classic excavation works, the machines can be used for levelling and modelling banks, levelling and ditch cleaning, as well as demolition and recycling, without the need to reposition the machine or change the attachment.

Innovative technology complements tried-and-tested technology

LiTiU is an attachment developed by Liebherr with protected swivel motor. It is available as a direct mounting or sandwich attachment in two different sizes. As a direct mounting, LiTiU 12 or LiTiU 18 is mounted directly to the stick end of the wheeled or crawler excavator. The connection between the bottom of the LiTiU unit and the attachment is realised either with the Liebherr quick coupling system SWA 33 / SWA 48 or the fully automatic Liebherr quick coupling system SWA 33 LIKUFIX® / SWA 48 LIKUFIX®. Depending on the quick coupling system, swing angles of up to 2 x 75° are possible in this version. With the optional extended hydraulic circuit the LiTiU 18 unit can also be activated directly. As a result, the high-pressure and medium-pressure circuits are available for the functions of the attachments. There is no need to change over to the joystick control elements and productivity can be increased.

Both the connection between stick end and LiTiU and the bottom of the LiTiU and attachment is realised for LiTiU 33 or LiTiU 48 in the sandwich attachment via the fully automatic Liebherr quick coupling system SWA 33 LIKUFIX® / SWA 48 LIKUFIX®. In this version swing angles of up to 2 x 50° are possible. One advantage of this attachment version is the externally routed hydraulic piping. This ensures a uniform and constant oil flow. The LiTiU 33 and LiTiU 48 units are therefore the perfect complement for attachments with their own slewing drive, such as sorter grabs or vibrating plates. But this attachment version is also beneficial for attachments such as hammers, milling machines and mulchers that do not have their own slewing drive but still require high oil quantities with low pressure losses.

Comfort and efficiency advantages thanks to LIKUFIX®

There are additional comfort and efficiency advantages when the new LiTiU unit is combined with the fully automatic quick coupling system LIKUFIX®. LIKUFIX® is a hydraulic quick coupler with an automatic hydraulic coupling system. Both mechanical and hydraulic attachments on the bottom of the LiTiU can be safely exchanged from the operator’s cab in a matter of seconds. Apart from quick and safe attachment changeover, the LiTiU 33 or LiTiU 48 unit can also be set down fully and the machine can be combined with another attachment.

Additional applications

Fixed buckets are mainly used for classic earthmoving work, such as excavation or the transport of various materials. A certain swing angle is beneficial for levelling and modelling banks or levelling and ditch cleaning work, as well as demolition or recycling. With the new LiTiU unit each fixed attachment becomes a swivel-mounted unit with increased versatility. Hydraulic attachments can also be combined with the LiTiU unit for an even bigger swing angle as can attachments from other manufacturers such as vibrating plates or mulchers. Productivity can be increased in the instance where the swing angle provides better access to difficult to reach places without the need to reposition the machine.

Quick coupling systems and attachments from Liebherr

With decades of experience under it’s belt Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH develops and manufactures up to 10,000 attachments and quick coupling systems every year to the highest quality standards. They can be used both for hydraulic excavators, material handlers and wheel loaders from Liebherr, as well as for machines from other manufacturers. The portfolio ranges from quick coupling systems to digging tools for earthmoving through to grabs for diverse applications in material handling technology. In order to also be able to offer superb results in performance and productivity in the future, Liebherr is constantly developing new solutions for its attachments and quick coupling systems.