The number one thing online construction equipment shoppers ask for is photos.

Photograph the construction equipment you are trying to sell faster by following the “four corners” rule.

“Four corners” refers to showing all four corners of your equipment, with tires and the top of the unit visible.

So, start by taking photos of the four corners of your equipment.

The more photos, the more interest you’ll get in your listings.

Construction Equipment Photos Checklist

  • Front Right
  • Front Left
  • Back Right
  • Back Left
  • Tires / Treads
  • Meter
  • Machine Plate
  • Engine
  • Cab
  • Clearly showing any damage can actually help convince a potential buyer that you are being truthful with your listing.

The infographic below takes you around a JLG 860SJ, with close ups of the tires, meter and machine plate. Click the image for a larger version.

 How to Take Construction Equipment Photos

Take your photos in natural daylight and use the best camera that you have access to. With the right lighting, a 2018 or newer high-end smartphone can help your listing get clicked on.