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CASE continues turning heads with major rollouts — on the heels of introducing the first-of-its-kind CASE Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader, the manufacturer is completely reloading its entire line of excavators. Today the company introduced seven new models of E Series excavators — including two in new size classes — focused on enhancing the total operator experience in performance and control to deliver even greater productivity, operator satisfaction, and operational efficiency while driving down total cost of ownership over the life of the machine.

These new excavators also represent an enhanced level of hydraulic performance and precision, greater engine power and responsiveness, extended service intervals, and greater connectivity for streamlined fleet management and service. The new offering also includes one of the industry’s most expansive offerings of OEM-fit 2D and 3D machine control systems to simplify the adoption and expansion of precision excavation solutions.

“CASE E Series excavators build on the powerful, smooth and responsive controls that CASE is known for, while adding all-new control customizations and configurations to drive that improved operator experience,” says Brad Stemper, head of construction equipment product management in North America for CASE. “The E Series is both highly engineered for performance and built on a platform proven to withstand the heavy work and harsh working environments excavators work in every day.”

The seven new models for the North American market include:

  • CX140E: 102 Net Horsepower, 28,900 pounds
  • CX170E: 121 Net Horsepower, 38,400 pounds
  • CX190E: 121 Net Horsepower, 41,000 pounds
  • CX220E: 162 Net Horsepower, 52,000 pounds
  • CX260E: 179 Net Horsepower, 56,909 pounds
  • CX300E: 259 Net Horsepower, 67,000 pounds
  • CX365E SR: 205 Net Horsepower, 78,600 pounds

The new lineup replaces five key models in the CASE excavator lineup, while also introducing two all-new models: the CX190E and the CX365E SR. Dozer blade and long reach models are also available in select configurations, and certain D Series excavator models will remain in the CASE product offering — next-generation versions of those machines will be introduced later.

“The CX190E is a 41,000-pound machine that fits a very important area of demand for contractors throughout North America, and the CX365E SR represents something that our partners have made clear they want — a minimum swing radius excavator in that 3.5 metric ton or larger class,” says Stemper. “The size, power and performance of that machine in a tighter footprint will transform the workflow and productivity on jobsites with space restrictions.”

“Between building out a more comprehensive product offering and delivering one of the broadest offerings of 2D and 3D OEM-fit machine control solutions, CASE E Series excavators are built to drive performance and efficiency for excavation businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

Putting More Control and Confidence into the Workspace
Enhancing total operator control and experience is about the marriage of the operator environment and the overall performance of the machine — and that all comes together with the operator interface of the machine.

One of the most noticeable enhancements in the cab of the new CASE E Series excavators is the 10-inch LCD display that provides even greater access and visibility to cameras, machine data and controls. This includes the ability to display rear- and sideview cameras at all times while still accessing machine data and controls, ensuring optimal visibility and jobsite awareness. This includes the popular optional CASE Max View™ display for even greater visibility and safer operation that provides 270 degrees of visibility around the machine.

The new display allows for excellent control customization with five configurable buttons that can be set to each operator’s most used functions – including, but not limited to fuel consumption, machine information, auxiliary hydraulics and emissions controls. The new Hydraulic Flow Control Balance for the hydraulic system, as well as the new attachment controls, are also controlled through this display.

CASE has also expanded on the operator comfort and ergonomics that were a hallmark of the D Series excavators with a new suspended operator station that locks the seat and console together so that, no matter the size of the operator, they have the same experience in terms of orientation to the armrests and the controls. Both the console and the armrest can now be further adjusted to meet operator preference.

Next-Level Engine and Hydraulic Power
CASE excavators have always been known for smooth and responsive hydraulics thanks to the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System, but the addition of new FPT Industrial engines throughout the product line, along with new enhancements to the hydraulic systems, provide even greater power and performance.

The FPT Industrial engines offer greater displacement, horsepower and torque than previous models within the CASE lineup1, driving even more power and responsiveness for the operator. Four new work modes (SP for Super Power, P for Power, E for Eco and L for Lifting) are available to be set in a range of up to 10 throttle settings allowing operators to dial in performance to their work, and the new Eco mode drives lower fuel consumption by as much as 18 percent compared to previous CASE excavators2.

The addition of FPT Industrial engines to the CASE lineup brings with it the manufacturer’s legacy of innovative emissions solutions that are both maintenance free and drive greater efficiency for the owner/operator. New CASE E Series excavators feature an innovative combination of diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and particulate matter catalyst technologies that further provide greater fuel efficiency, systems reliability and no lifetime after-treatment replacement or mechanical service over time. The system features 13 patents that ensure effective emissions compliance and performance in all working environments.

New hydraulic priority capabilities further allow the operator to set machine performance and responsiveness to their liking. CASE calls this Hydraulic Flow Control Balance, and it allows the operator to set arm in, boom up and swinging flow to their liking. Now the excavator will be even more responsive and efficient directly as it relates to the preferences of the operator.

Attachment use has also been dialed in even further with the ability to adjust hydraulic flows based on specific attachment types through the new display, and to set maximum overflow for each attachment for optimal attachment performance.

Improving Uptime, Responsiveness and Lifetime Owning & Operating Costs
In addition to lifetime service and maintenance advancements — such as extending service intervals on engine oil and fuel filters — CASE has brought these machines even further into the world of collaborative fleet management with the introduction of new connectivity and telematics capabilities across the product line.

CASE accomplishes this through the new SiteConnect Module along with the new SiteManager App (iOS and Android). This app pairs the operator’s phone or device to the machine to enable remote analysis. Certified CASE technicians then diagnose the health of each connected machine through various parameter readings and fault codes — and the technician determines whether the issue can be addressed remotely (such as clearing codes or updating software) or if it requires a trip to the machine.

CASE also leverages the SiteConnect Module to further improve telematics data and performance, and the collaboration between equipment owner, dealer and manufacturer. This enhanced connectivity allows the machine owner to share — at their discretion — real-time machine information with the dealer and the CASE Uptime Center in Racine, Wis.

The SiteConnect Module also improves the volume, flow and integration of data to the CASE SiteWatch telematics platform for real-time monitoring, management of maintenance and service intervals, examination of equipment utilization and overall machine record-keeping.

And to show that CASE fully stands behind this new line, each new CASE E Series excavator comes standard with CASE ProCare: a three-year CASE SiteWatch™ telematics subscription, a three-year/3,000-hour full-machine factory warranty, and a three-year/2,000-hour planned maintenance contract. ProCare allows business owners to invest in new equipment while making owning and operating costs predictable for the first three years of lease or ownership.

Easier than Ever to Experience Precision Excavation
CASE has also expanded its OEM-fit 2D, 3D and semi-automatic machine control solutions to an even broader range of models. This ensures that the optimal combination of machine and solution is installed and tested by CASE certified precision field specialists. It also simplifies the acquisition process and allows for the technology to be grouped in with the purchase of the machine — combining the financing or lease approval, rate and payment in a single package. It also gets the owner and operator of that machine up and running with machine control faster.

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CASE introduces Minotaur DL550 Compact Dozer Loader to North America https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/case-introduces-minotaur-dl550-compact-dozer-loader-to-north-america/ https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/case-introduces-minotaur-dl550-compact-dozer-loader-to-north-america/#respond Tue, 27 Sep 2022 21:54:38 +0000 https://fleetupmarketplace.com/?p=19067 CASE introduces Minotaur DL550 Compact Dozer Loader to North America

The industry-first CASE Minotaur DL550 will be making its way across the United States and Canada on The Groundbreaker Roadshow — showcased at more than 50 CASE dealer locations.

“Minotaur has a massive fan following and we’re giving it the rock star treatment by sending it on a cross-continent tour into 2023,” says Terry Dolan, vice president, North America, CASE Construction Equipment. “It’s a machine that people have to see to believe — and the common response from people who see it is that it’s even bigger, stronger and more versatile than they imagined it would be. It really has that ability to change the industry and how people work.”

The CASE Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader creates a new equipment category. This industry-exclusive machine holds 29 patents, has pushed through more than 12,000 field test hours, countless customer clinics, and typical lab and engineering testing. Attendees of The Groundbreaker Roadshow will get to experience the Minotaur compact dozer loader firsthand, while enjoying a day on the lot with plenty of chances for prizes and giveaways.

More about The CASE Minotaur DL550 Compact Dozer Loader

Weighing in at more than 18,000 pounds and working with 114 horsepower, the new CASE Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader delivers true dozing and grading performance, as well as powerful site loading capabilities and compatibility with hundreds of attachments. A single platform has never delivered this level of versatility, power and precision — all culminating in an entirely new product category created by CASE: the compact dozer loader.

The hallmark advancement of the CASE Minotaur DL550 is the chassis-integrated C-frame with six-way dozer blade. The C-frame hydraulically couples into both the chassis of the machine, as well as the attachment coupler. This design provides the stability and smooth operating plane of a small dozer while ensuring that all operating power is channeled through the whole body of the machine. This establishes greater performance and long-term reliability than the simple combination of a dozer blade attachment to a traditional compact track loader.

It also comes standard with CASE Universal Machine Control, which makes the machine ready for any of the three major providers of machine control technology, which are sold separately. It’s also available with an optional, industry-exclusive fully integrated ripper for tearing up tough terrain to simplify dozing and earthmoving operations.

The C-frame is then easily detached, within minutes, to allow the operator to use it as a loader with a heavy-duty 1.25-cubic-yard bucket, or with hundreds of common loader attachments many equipment owners already have in their fleet.

“The Minotaur is truly a fleet of one, that is second to none,” says Jeff Jacobsmeyer, product manager, CASE. “Business owners and fleet managers looking for a compact solution that delivers countless benefits in a single footprint will immediately see the versatility this exciting new machine brings to their fleets and will quickly understand what a ‘compact dozer loader’ is capable of accomplishing. We are excited to share it with the world.”

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Liebherr shows rail-road excavator for track construction at InnoTrans https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/liebherr-shows-rail-road-excavator-for-track-construction-at-innotrans/ https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/liebherr-shows-rail-road-excavator-for-track-construction-at-innotrans/#respond Tue, 27 Sep 2022 21:46:51 +0000 https://fleetupmarketplace.com/?p=19064 Liebherr shows rail-road excavator for track construction at InnoTrans

Liebherr is presenting the A 924 Rail Litronic, a representative of the new generation of its successful rail-road excavators, at InnoTrans 2022 in Berlin. The machine can be used both on rail and on road. To complement the versatile machine, Liebherr will be showing numerous attachments as well as a quick coupling system for a wide range of applications. In addition, trade fair visitors can obtain comprehensive information about ECM certification on site.

The trade fair exhibit A 924 Rail Litronic has an operating weight of 21,800 kg to 25,000 kg. The machine is equipped with a 120 kW / 163 hp strong and robust engine. In combination with the optimally coordinated hydraulic system, the machine reach constantly high work speeds with the usual fluid working movements. For exhaust emission stage V Liebherr uses a newly developed SCRT system comprising a SCR catalytic converter and a standard particulate filter. The innovative hydraulic concept consists of a Liebherr variable displacement double pump with independent control circuits. High-performance, hydraulic attachments can thus be operated independently of the working and travel movements of the machines.

The rail travel drive is mounted on either side of the undercarriage. During unloading the rail guide is lowered in axle pairs until the inner wheels of the dual tyres are at the track wheel and ensure a frictional connection of the travel drive.

The service-orientated layout of the machine guarantees short maintenance periods and minimises the associated costs thanks to the time savings. All maintenance points are easily accessed from the ground.

As occupational safety plays an important role in track construction, Liebherr offers safety systems specially developed in-house for rail applications. Numerous equipment features such as the pipe break protection on the lifting and stick cylinders, electronic height and turning radius limitation, load moment limitation i.a.w. EN 15746-2, impact-resistant roof panel made of laminated safety glass, rollover protection system (ROPS) and an emergency exit through the rear window provide maximum safety in all operations.

Numerous Liebherr attachments and quick coupling system

Liebherr offers a comprehensive portfolio of attachments to meet the various construction site requirements economically and reliably. With the fully hydraulic Liebherr quick coupling system LIKUFIX® both mechanical and hydraulic attachments can be changed quickly and safely from the operator’s cab. The A 924 Rail exhibited at InnoTrans is equipped with LIKUFIX®. Liebherr will also be presenting a wide range of attachments on its stand.

Liebherr tilt unit LiTiU and LS 12 stick extension

One of these, for example, is the Liebherr LiTiU slewing unit. This increases the functionality of attachments by providing an additional slewing angle of up to 2 x 50°. This is a huge advantage especially in track construction where there are generally more restrictions due to the rail infrastructure. LiTiU extends the working range of the machines, because even hard-to-reach places can be worked with the additionally generated swivel angle.

At the trade fair LiTiU 33 is showcased as a sandwich attachment, i.e. the connection between the end of the stick and LiTiU, and the connection between the bottom of the LiTiU and the attachment are made via LIKUFIX® .This means the entire unit can be set down quickly and a different attachment, such as the Liebherr stick extension, attached and operational within seconds. The 2.25 metre long Liebherr LS 12 arm extension, which can also be used to extend the working radius of the rail-road excavator, will be on display at InnoTrans. In combination with the stick extension, the machine achieves a reach of about 10 metres and can thus also work on distant sites.

GMZ 22 clamshell bucket and TR 20 pivot rotator

The Liebherr GMZ 22 clamshell buckets are also designed for track construction. The new generation will be presented at the trade fair: for example, hydraulic lines that are tightly fitted to the sides and laid in a protected manner ensure a reduced risk of damage. The new lean design of the ejectors with improved linkage for the grapples, combination and track construction buckets as well as the tilted side plates, lead to more efficient and less resistant grabbing as well as optimised loading and unloading operations. Liebherr will be exhibiting the GMZ 22 with digging shells at the fair. The cutting width of the attachment is 600 mm and the grab capacity is 0.30 m³.

Pivot rotators are also indispensable for track construction work today. Liebherr will be exhibiting the TR 20 pivot rotator at the fair. With its endless 360° rotatability, the patented slewing mechanism and the tilt angle of 2 x 50°, it offers maximum flexibility, especially for shaft work.

ECM certification at Liebherr

In order to be able to operate in rail transport, compliance with strict rules and regulations is required in addition to the comprehensive machine safety systems. In 2019, the EU Commission initiated a new directive intended to further enhance safety in railway traffic and to improve interoperability. The new EU ECM directive (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) now places responsibility on the owners of rail-road excavators. The DVO (EU) 2019/779, also called the ECM directive, applies to railway vehicles, which operate on the higher-level network. Liebherr rail-road excavators will also fall under this new certification requirement in the future

Successful ECM certification will enable Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH to continue giving customers competent consultation and support. Successful certification also means that Liebherr sales and service partners will remain authorised and trained to perform repairs, annual inspections and revisions on Liebherr rail-road excavators. Liebherr-Mietpartner GmbH and Carl Beutlhauser Baumaschinen GmbH are also certified as official ECM entities. This will ensure that Liebherr rail-road excavators also remain available to customers for rental.

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Komatsu HD1500-8E0 mechanical haul truck built for performance https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/komatsu-hd1500-8e0-mechanical-haul-truck-built-for-performance/ https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/komatsu-hd1500-8e0-mechanical-haul-truck-built-for-performance/#respond Tue, 27 Sep 2022 19:54:30 +0000 https://fleetupmarketplace.com/?p=19061 Komatsu HD1500-8E0 mechanical haul truck built for performance

Komatsu’s rigid frame off-highway haul truck, the HD1500-8E0, is purpose-built for mining, quarry and aggregate applications.

Delivering performance with a 1,580 gross horsepower (1180 kW), Tier 4 final Komatsu SDA16V159E-3 engine, the HD1500-8E0 helps drive high levels of productivity. The redesigned cab, combined with a MacPherson strut-type and hydropneumatic suspension, gives operators the smooth and comfortable ride they need for long shifts.

Quick Specs of the HD1500-8E0:

  • Net horsepower: 1,570 HP (1,171 kW) @ 1,900 rpm
  • Operating weight: 550,229 lbs. (249,579 kg)
  • Rated payload: 153.2 U.S. tons (139.0 t)
  • Rated Capacity (SAE Heaped 2:1): 102 yd³ (78 m³)

Travel performance for productivity

In addition to speed on grade, the HD1500-8E0 is equipped with hydraulic, wet multiple-disc brakes on all four corners. The continuously cooled, large-capacity brakes also act as a highly responsive retarder, providing operators with confidence at higher speeds when traveling downhill. Downhill descent can also be controlled by setting a desired travel speed with the automatic retard speed control (ARSC), which applies the brake retarder to maintain the desired setting and descend the road with confidence.

Maneuverability for tight spaces, steep grades and slippery haul road conditions

With a tight turning radius (36′ 9″), /11.2 m) operators in the HD1500-8E0 can easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces when spotting to be loaded or positioning to dump. The MacPherson strut-type independent front suspension features an A-arm wheel-to-mainframe design for widespacing and easy access to the engine bay.

Komatsu’s Traction Control System (KTCS) provides excellent control in loose or slippery haul road conditions by monitoring the rear wheels for slippage and automatically applying pressure to the independent wheel brake assemblies.

Technology that promotes enhanced productivity

The HD1500-8E0 has a 7-speed, fully automatic transmission with two configurable reverse speeds. Komatsu’s advanced transmission with optimum modulation control system (K-ATOMiCS) provides electronic shift control with automatic clutch modulation, promoting optimized clutch engagement at every gear to provide smooth shifting without losing torque, offering a comfortable ride while helping to reduce material spillage.

Enhance payloads, promote productivity and control the life cycle costs of your truck with the HD1500-8E0‘s integrated payload meter (PLM). It manages the payload of each hauling cycle, analyzing production volume and the working conditions of the machine.

Operator comfort and visibility

Designed with a convenient control layout, the ergonomic operator cab is equipped with an air suspension seat to help dampen vibrations. Seat heater and ventilator are equipped as standard. To help improve operator comfort, hydropneumatic suspension provides a smooth ride over rough terrain, while the low noise engine, fan clutch and cab sealing provide a quiet, low decibel operating environment.

Give your operator greater visibility to the work-area with features like KomVision, a 360-degree monitoring system that uses six cameras for a real-time view of surroundings. Two screen mode allows your operator to view the 360-degree bird’s eye view and any of the 6 cameras to be viewed simultaneously on a dedicated monitor.

Maintenance made easier

Designed for convenient preventative maintenance and servicing, a ground-level service center is located at the bottom of the HD1500-8E0‘s hydraulic tank, putting engine, transmission, brake control and hydraulic oil filling evacuation ports accessible in one central location. The standard, automatic greasing system helps minimize maintenance time by automatically supplying grease at predetermined intervals. A battery disconnect switch, located on the left side of the vehicle, is accessible from the ground level. For security during maintenance, there are tie-off anchor points for safety harnesses.

The cold weather package includes electric heating elements for engine oil pan, coolant, steering and hoist oil tank, transmission oil pan, and brake oil tank, which plugs into an external power supply. The engine is also equipped with a cold weather ether starting aid system, standard for the HD1500-8E0.

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Tackle demanding forestry processing environments with the Komatsu PC230F-11 https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/tackle-demanding-forestry-processing-environments-with-the-komatsu-pc230f-11/ https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/tackle-demanding-forestry-processing-environments-with-the-komatsu-pc230f-11/#respond Tue, 27 Sep 2022 19:45:34 +0000 https://fleetupmarketplace.com/?p=19058 Tackle demanding forestry processing environments with the Komatsu PC230F-11

Control downtime and drive productivity with the robust, dependable and fuel-efficient Komatsu PC230F-11 processor. Delimb and cut and stack timber with this powerful and maneuverable processor, designed specifically to meet the demands of forestry work.

Large trees can be moved more easily thanks to a powerful swing system and a large swing circle. With exceptional reach of up to 29 feet (8,951 mm), the excellent maneuverability of the PC230F-11 helps drive productivity.

Designed with a high and wide undercarriage, powerful swing motor and ability to withstand high-debris conditions, the PC230F-11 is backed by excellent service, easy access to parts and an industry-leading warranty. Built to tackle demanding forestry processing environments, the PC230F-11 has exceptional reach, a high and wide rugged undercarriage and a powerful swing system.

Quick specs for the PC230F-11

  • Net horsepower: 197 HP (147kW) @ 2,050 rpm
  • Operating weight: 67,516 lbs. (30,625 kg)
  • Swing torque: 8,065 kgm (58,334 ft lbs.)

Engineered for high-debris environments

When operators are working in high-debris conditions, the robust wide-fin radiator is protected by heavy-duty forestry screens and a variable pitch reversing fan helps improve airflow.

Offering excellent ground clearance, the PC230F-11, provides reliable maneuverability in tough forestry environments thanks to a high and wide undercarriage designed with larger class-size components.

Operators can adjust quickly to a sudden change in load weight without losing productivity with the Auto Power Max feature. It automatically senses the difference and reacts with a seven-second burst of additional horsepower to help pull the trees through, during the delimbing process.

Operator comfort supports productivity

To reduce operator fatigue, the PC230F-11 provides a quiet, comfortable work environment. Cabs are climate-controlled and equipped with Bluetooth technology. The cushioned air-suspension seat can be heated or cooled.

An extra-rugged exterior protects against falling limbs with a 1.26 inch-thick (32 mm) polycarbonate front window and metal designed to withstand demanding environments. The PC230F-11 features heavy-duty service undercover guards and rear compartment doors, and a right corner guard with a standard tree deflector.

Less refueling

The Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 Tier 4 Final engine is more fuel efficient than the prior Tier 4 interim engines. Thanks to proprietary Komatsu engine technology, the larger size-class (PC290LL-11) factory-installed engine also powers performance.

Your operators can spend more time on the job and less time refueling with the additional fuel storage on the PC230F-11. The tank is in the rear of the carrier and built into the counterweight, delivering double the fuel capacity. Because the fuel tank was moved to the rear, there is a large tool storage area on the side for the operator to store an extra five-gallon bucket of oil, extra chains and other tools.

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John Deere Introduces New FR27 Disc Saw Felling Head https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/john-deere-introduces-new-fr27-disc-saw-felling-head/ https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/john-deere-introduces-new-fr27-disc-saw-felling-head/#respond Tue, 27 Sep 2022 18:54:26 +0000 https://fleetupmarketplace.com/?p=19055

John Deere Introduces New FR27 Disc Saw Felling Head

John Deere annouces its newest forestry attachment offering with the FR27 Disc Saw Felling Head. Now standard on the John Deere 953M and 959M feller buncher models, and available as an upgrade on the on the 853M, 859M and 903M feller bunchers, this felling head attachment has a larger cut capacity compared to previous felling head models. Building upon the success of the FR24B, John Deere has successfully designed the durable FR27 as a solution aimed to increase productivity on the job.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance operator efficiency and machine capacity. By introducing a larger felling head solution to our line-up with the FR27, we are providing our customers with a larger, more durable attachment to help increase their bottom-line,” said Jim O’Halloran, global product marketing manager, tracked feller bunchers and harvesters & disc saw felling heads, John Deere. “The newly designed FR27 enables loggers of all experience levels to tackle even the most ambitious jobs with confidence knowing their machines are built to endure larger timber and excel in a variety of forestry applications.”

The FR27 Disc Saw Felling Head is designed to take on a variety of timber applications, from large single stem cutting to mid-sized accumulation, and boasts an all-new design­ and overall rebranding from previous John Deere felling head models. In addition, this robust, high rotation felling head features excellent cut and accumulation capacity, offering top-of-the-line productivity compared to previous models. The FR27 features an impressive cutting capacity of up to 27.2 in. and an accumulation capacity of up to 7.5 ft, improving capability in the woods.

The new FR27 Felling Head offers increased cut capacity compared to previous models.

Building upon the success of the field proven FR24B, the FR27 features an updated frame and wrist design, which includes a tall horn, long harvesting arms and continuous hose routings that promote easy machine clean-out. The hardened saw housing wear plates are now standard and offer improved saw housing wear resistance.

Additionally, the FR27 offers bolt-on saw housing for improved serviceability, with three separate saw housing sections with integrated skis getting you back on the job sooner. The incorporated large side chip exhaust chute minimizes build up and plugging, keeping your machine up and running. The side chip exhaust chute also includes a cover that can be added or removed depending on application

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John Deere Expands 644 G-tier Wheel Loader to United States https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/john-deere-expands-644-g-tier-wheel-loader-to-united-states/ https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/john-deere-expands-644-g-tier-wheel-loader-to-united-states/#respond Tue, 27 Sep 2022 18:46:41 +0000 https://fleetupmarketplace.com/?p=19052 John Deere Expands 644 G-tier Wheel Loader to United States

After a successful introduction into the Canadian market in 2021, John Deere expands its G-tier Wheel Loader offerings to the United States with the 644 G-tier Wheel Loader, continuing the transition to Performance Tiering. As part of the John Deere Performance Tiering Strategy, customers can benefit from tailored offerings that provide more performance, comfort, and economical options. The expansion of this line up also includes the new 544 G-tier Wheel Loader now available in Canada. The 544 G-tier provides customers working in a variety of applications with a no-frills, versatile, and reliable solution backed by John Deere and its world class dealer network.

“Not every customer is looking for the most technology in a machine. By introducing the 544 G-tier in Canada and expanding the availability of the 644 G-tier into the United States, we are providing our customers with options to help meet their diverse needs,” said Luke Gribble, solutions marketing manager, John Deere. “The G-tier models support customers looking for reliability, without the added extras that they would find in a P-tier or X-tier machine, and that fit their investment levels as well. With the G-tier models, customers are getting the versatility and ruggedness in a machine, without any compromises.”

Now available in the United States, the 644 G-tier leverages industry-proven components and is equipped with a cab design that promotes ease of operation. With the 644 G-tier machines, John Deere delivers a solution ideal for customers in the governmental, rental, site development, and asphalt industries. The 644 G-tier Wheel Loaders boast a reliable John Deere 6.8L engine and feature John Deere Teammate axles. Customers can customize the machine through a variety of base-level packages, including options related to locking differentials, ride control, seats, radio and rear chassis work-lights.

Making its debut in the Canadian market, the 544 G-tier is designed to provide a more economical solution in the 3-yard loader size class that does not sacrifice the performance and quality customers expect from a John Deere machine. The 544 G-tier controls were designed with operators of all skillsets and productivity in mind, offering a simplified setup and overall functionality. Promoting ease of operation, the in-cab controls include adjustable boom-height kickout, return to carry, and return to dig, which can be easily activated from inside the cab, speeding production times during repetitive applications. In addition, the 544 G-tier is an ideal machine for those looking for a capable machine for rental, agriculture, governmental and snow removal applications.

Further expanding machine capability, the 544 G-tier can be equipped with optional features to help tackle even the most challenging applications. Optional features include a hydraulic reversing fan, axle coolers and front locking differentials, helping to keep it at peak performance. Backed by the industry-trusted network of John Deere dealers, the 544 G-tier machines are easy to service, helping to keep the jobsite running smoothly.

The optional third and fourth function hydraulics allow additional attachments to be equipped on the machine, amplifying job versatility. On the 544 G-tier, John Deere customers can choose between pin-on bucket options as well as a Hi-Vis/ISO or JRB style couplers, which are compatible with K -Series, L-series and Performance Tiering buckets and attachments. Customers needing extra reach on the job can add high-lift linkage to gain an additional 14 inches of hinge-pin height over standard linkage.

Built off proven John Deere loader components and designs, all G-tier machines are backed by the same level of excellent support that customers have grown to rely on — including JDLink™ Connectivity and Connected Support. Both the 544 G-tier and the 644 G-tier machines are eligible for the John Deere Protect™ Service Plan, offering optimal support and value to customers. With the John Deere Protect™ Service Plan, routine maintenance is performed at every 500-hour interval by an experienced John Deere dealer. In addition, the John Deere Protect™ Parts & Fluids Plan provides customers with options to conduct maintenance services and inspection while utilizing their own technicians.

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New Cat 789 Mining Truck delivers class-leading power and fuel efficiency https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/new-cat-789-mining-truck-delivers-class-leading-power-and-fuel-efficiency/ https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/new-cat-789-mining-truck-delivers-class-leading-power-and-fuel-efficiency/#respond Tue, 27 Sep 2022 18:39:38 +0000 https://fleetupmarketplace.com/?p=19049 The new Cat 789 Mining Truck builds on a legacy of proven performance to offer efficiency gains, the next generation of cab comfort and cutting-edge connectivity. Its design offers a weight advantage over the competition to haul more material every load and deliver a cost-per-ton advantage. A proven performer, high uptime reliability reduces overall costs to deliver a better bottom line.

The new 789 moves more material with less fuel, offering up to 9% reduced fuel consumption compared to the Tier 2 design. An advanced powertrain increases engine life by 12% and delivers better shifting and acceleration. Offering the highest horsepower in its class, this mining truck features 10% more payload and is over 5% faster on grade than competitive trucks.

Flexible power and design

With its flexible design, the Cat 3516E engine powering the new 789 is fuel-optimized for lesser regulated countries or can be configured with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for meeting EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final standards. Two power selections offer 1 417 kW (1,900 hp) to match performance of existing fleet trucks or 1 566 kW (2,100 hp) for faster cycle times.

Delivering long-life reliability, the new engine features design modifications to the camshaft and piston for optimal fuel efficiency, and structural improvements to the cylinder head and crankshaft deliver 12% more durability than the 3516C. The engine’s 23% net torque rise delivers unequalled lugging force during acceleration, on steep grades and in rough underfoot conditions.

Offering smoother transitional shifting for a smoother ride, the 789’s Advanced Power Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) transmission delivers productivity and efficiency improvements that can reduce cycle times. Forward momentum and torque are maintained while shifting with optimum gear selection resulting in faster acceleration. It offers more continuous torque and rimpull to deliver more power to the ground, making it possible to use a higher gear on grade to optimize fuel efficiency.

A choice of multiple body style configurations allows mines to equip the 789 to meet specific site needs. The High-Performance Body maximizes payload by reducing the weight by 2.0 to 5.0 tonnes (2.2 to 5.5 tons) or more. The Mine Specific Body excels in mature mines, while the Combination Body combines features of high volume and optional liners to haul both ore and overburden. The original standard, Dual Slope Body, provides excellent load retention, and the X Body features the latest structural designs and offers more volume at a lower weight.

New cab, higher productivity

The 789’s larger, more ergonomic next generation cab improves operator efficiency and productivity. At 17% wider, the cab’s walk-through design with fully adjustable center console offers 34% more operator space, 11% more legroom and 19% more shoulder room. Featuring 40% less Sound Pressure Level (SPL), the quieter cab includes automated temperature control and cab filtration for a more comfortable environment.

Two ideally located 254-mm (10-in) screens consolidate all machine data, controls and guidance information, and applications like Cat MineStar™ to reduce the number of required displays. New speed coaching provides operators real-time feedback on truck operation to maximize productivity, while more accurate measurements on the payload monitoring system delivers improved load tracking. Its 360-degree surround view camera with object detection to alert operators to hazards within the immediate vicinity makes it easier to safely operate the 789. Simplifying operation and minimizing cycle times, a new optional Auto Hoist feature automatically raises the body and controls engine speed.

Cutting-edge connectivity

Fully integrated Cat electronics on the 789 includes 100 Mbps, two-wire ethernet connectivity for faster data transfer to improve access to information. The future-proof technology platform includes every 789 being factory-equipped with Cat Product Link Elite™ with standard connectivity via cellular 4G/LTE and available cellular/satellite radio for reliable data transfer.

The ability to access and analyze accurate, real-time data enables faster diagnostics and enhances the ability to predict and prevent machine failure, improving truck uptime availability. A new telematics platform promotes greater data acquisition and faster transmission to locally hosted or cloud-based applications such as Cat MineStar Solutions. Available MineStar Fleet, Detect and Health Equipment Insights, along with standard haul road analytics, help to improve operator performance, maintenance and machine life.

Streamlined serviceability, safety-infused

Multiple key contributors to truck downtime have been reduced on the 789. Its new modular HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system improves reliability and consolidates components, so the entire system can be removed and replaced quickly. Shortening engine removal and installation time, the modular radiator enables rebuilds to be completed off the truck to reduce downtime.

The 789’s next generation of enhanced serviceability incorporates extended-interval filters with ground-level access, grouped service points and a new centralized service center option. It features an extended 12,000-hour coolant life and double the hydraulic and transmission filter life to 1,000 hours to reduce service time. New Remote Flash and Remote Troubleshoot help to further improve machine uptime and performance by instantly providing access to the latest software updates and making it possible to remotely troubleshoot the truck.

Superior braking and retarding control for the 789 is delivered by Caterpillar’s patented, oil-cooled, multiple disc brakes to provide immediate, fade-resistant braking and retarding. The next gen cab design integrates the rollover protective structure (ROPS), and the operator is protected by five-sided ROPS/FOPS (falling-object protective structure) coverage. Wide-angle mirrors plus a birds-eye view offered by Cat Vision 360 improves visibility in the 789. Part of the MineStar suite of solutions, the available Driver Safety System alerts the operator if fatigue or distraction is detected.

The 789 next generation mining truck replaces the current 789 Stage V/Tier 4 Final model. The popular Cat 789D will continue to be produced and is available to markets outside of North America and Europe.

https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/new-cat-789-mining-truck-delivers-class-leading-power-and-fuel-efficiency/feed/ 0
Construction Equipment Wisconsin https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/construction-equipment-wisconsin/ https://fleetupmarketplace.com/news/construction-equipment-wisconsin/#respond Wed, 21 Sep 2022 20:16:56 +0000 https://fleetupmarketplace.com/?p=19017 Searching for Construction Equipment For Sale In Wisconsin? Scroll down for construction equipment for sale by owner in Wisconsin, organized by type of machine.

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